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A disease inherited in this manner is characterized by each parent having the sickle cell trait, resulting in a 25 chance of producing offspring with sickle cell anemia with each pregnancy.

The nurse should be aware of the following points when giving this drug Do not mix in a syringe with other medications. c2010-657 Exam Material Exam Guide Answers.


Figure 10.

It can also occur from poor dietary intake of foods containing B12, especially in vegetarian diets or those lacking dairy products. 99% Pass c2010-657 Exams Answers for IBM Certified ADP.

Sickle Cell Anemia Sickle cell anemia is the most common genetic disease found in the United States. c2010-657 Exam Material Exam Exams Cert.

The focus of treatment is on the identification and removal of the offending agent.

Red blood cells containing Hgb S are prone to sickling when exposed to decreased oxygen in the blood. Certification Partner c2010-657 Exam Material Exam Ref Exam Collection.

IBM c2010-657 Practice Quiz Review Questions. The cells are replaced with fat.

Pernicious Anemia The intrinsic factor is missing in pernicious anemia, resulting in an inability to absorb vitamin B12.

It is c2010-657 Exam Material more common in the African American population.

Professional IBM c2010-657 Testing Engine. Symptoms associated with aplastic anemia include Decreased erythrocytes Leukopenia Thrombocytopenia Aplastic anemia can be either primary congenital or secondary acquired.

This disorder is inherited as autosomal recessive.

Approximately half of all acquired cases are from unknown causes.

Several factors can contribute to the development of aplastic anemia and can include Drug toxicity, especially chemotherapeutic agents and the antibiotic chloramphenicol Multiple blood transfusions Radiation exposure Autoimmune states Sickle cell syndrome Leukemia HIV Hepatitis B Treatment of acquired aplastic anemia is accomplished by first identifying that something is preventing the bone marrow from carrying out its basic function.

Aplastic Anemia Aplastic anemia is a rare disorder that occurs when there is depression of the blood forming elements of the bone marrow. IBM IBM Certified ADP 000-484 Exam Download c2010-657 Exam Material Technology 70-411 Practise Questions Course Practice Lab.

Administer IM or c2010-657 Exam Material deep 070-640 PDF demo subcutaneously. c2010-657 Exam Material Books Exam Topics.

The client might also receive immunosuppressive therapies, including Antilymphocyte globulin ALG or antithymocyte globulin ATG Androgens Cyclosporine Sandimmune Methylprednisolone Because of the possible fatal course that can develop from this disease, a bone marrow transplantation is also a treatment for consideration early in the disease. IBM c2010-657 Book Question Sets.

Because they cannot flow easily A00-240 Exams Cert through tiny capillary beds, they can become clumped, cause obstruction, and become an impairment in tissue perfusion. IBM c2010-657 VCE Dumps Practice.

Latest c2010-657 Certification Practice for IBM Certified ADP. The causes of anemia are as follows Increased red blood cell destruction Blood loss Poor dietary iron intake Poor absorption Parasites The symptoms of anemia are as follows Fatigue Pallor skin might be waxy Tachypnea Cardiac changes heart murmur, cardiomegaly Headaches Dizziness Depression Growth retardation Late sexual maturation Children with persistent anemia might experience frequent bouts ofotitis mediaandupper respiratory infections.

The injections are given weekly until adequate levels are reached, and then monthly for maintenance. IBM c2010-657 Exam MB6-703 Practice Answers Exam Objectives.

Pernicious anemia is common in the elderly and clients who have had a gastric resection.

A client with sickle cell anemia has red blood cells that have an IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus V7.4 Implementation abnormal crescent shape, as illustrated inFigure 10.

Ladder Of Success IBM c2010-657 Exam Guide. Symptoms of pernicious anemia include Pallor Jaundice Smooth, beefy red tongue glossitis Paresthesia Diarrhea Problems with proprioception sense of IBM c2010-657 Exam Material position in space The treatment for pernicious anemia is the administration of injections of cyanocobalamin vitamin B12.

After they become sickled, they are more fragile, rigid, and rapidly destroyed.